Saturday, February 19, 2011

Woman dies at desk, but nobody notices

Perhaps if it hadn’t happened on a Friday, this sad tale wouldn’t have come to pass.

As Los Angeles County employee Rebecca Wells toiled on a risk analysis audit, she apparently died at her desk, but nobody noticed her body until the next day.

Co-workers described her as tireless. Always “working, working, working.” Clearly so hard that none of those cube farm co-habitants noticed she may not have been breathing when they left work.

While the Los Angeles County Coroner investigates the cause of death of the 51-year-old, one thing is clear: You may just be lucky if not noticing how hard you work is the only thing that escapes your officemates’ eyes.

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A said...

Wow. This actually reminds me of a quote I heard at one point. I can't remember who said it, but it was something like "When I die, I want to die in a meeting. That way, the transition between life and death will be imperceptible."