Thursday, July 28, 2011

Captain's Log

This post is being written with the help of "Bonita", my new laptop. She will keep Evelyn company in her golden years. Evelyn will become the archivist for The Hideaway.Bonita and Evelyn and I are settling into the new Hideaway location---the moving is almost complete. I have one more box of books, a couple more mornings of waking up with a stiff back. Then, hopefully, I wil fall back in stride of writing music and thinking positive thoughts. Winehouse's death affected me more than I thought it would, as did Russel Brand's poignant comment("...either way there will be a phone call...") I went through alcohol withdrawal after my heart surgery and I can remember every screaming, crying moment of it. My body has been more than fair to me. I hope to repay it with some happy moments of awareness and connectedness.

Over and Out,
Bonita, Evelyn and T.

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