Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Quote from Foodie/ Food Photographer Ilva Beretta

I always had a problem with people who claim to wake up every morning loving life, maybe they do but I don't. I can't even remember that I ever did-who thinks about life and love at 6.30 or earlier I ask? And apart from that, I never trusted excessive feelings. I neither love nor hate life, I just live it and I try to live it as well as I can. I try to live in harmony with myself and others which isn't always possible, I try to live and let live which isn't always easy either. I try to be coherent in my choices which can be hard and I try to be as honest as I can but who can always be honest? So we live and then we die, like annual flowers, only a bit longer. I wonder if they ever wake up and love life? And why would we be different for the other existences in the general scheme of nature I wonder. We are here, like all the rest of the life here on earth, to reproduce ourselves and sometimes I think we are really putting to much value to our existence by imagining that there is any other reason for our being here. But I do think we have to find our own reasons for living on so that we can wilt and die with a feeling of not having wasted our one single chance to live and my reason is the gift of love. To love is the greatest gift my life has given me, to be loved is not bad either but to really love without reservations is the best thing that ever happened to me because it makes me forget myself.

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