Wednesday, December 02, 2009


So this film clip of Marilyn Monroe smoking what appears to be a "reefer" (Oh, the madness!) has appeared and I'm passing it along for a couple reasons. First, it still shows how charismatic and iconic this person was and is. She is absolutely stunning.Given her usage of drugs (incl. alcohol) this is hardly shocking footage. In fact, when compared to modern-day Lindsay and Brit and others she seems quite tame.

This is my second reason for this post. She actually seems somewhat happy, hanging out with friends and having a joint. Our culture has made her into such a victim and martyr of her time (and I'm sure she had horrendous downswings and periods of great unhappiness.) But I've seen photos and clips where she seems genuinely happy and fun to be around. I hope the two balanced out.

Here's a couple of my favorite M.M. photos. She's getting smashed with poet Carl Sandburg:

I wish I could have met this woman and shared a drag or two. If only there was time travel...

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