Wednesday, November 18, 2009

News from the Home Town

"I would wait a month standing here like this to see her," said Laura Lomik, 19, who stood first in line to see Palin. "She believes in my same principles.

Next to her, Barbara Kaniewski, 51, of Plainfield Township, Mich., was more unequivocal. "I'm passionate about Sarah Palin," she said. "She wasn't a princess. She cleans her gun the same way I clean my gun."

Few people in the lines were reading Ms. Palin’s book, despite having hours to wait.

“It’s more fun talking politics with people who agree with you,” said Lucy Vigmostad, who was celebrating her 18th birthday by being first in line in Grand Rapids.

Many in the crowd spoke with disdain about Sen. John McCain, the Republican presidential nominee who delivered Palin from political obscurity in Alaska and placed her on the national stage--as well as about the GOP generally. "I'm not a Republican," Kaniewski said, "I'm a conservative."

[Now if it was Carme Chacon...

I'd be there, too.]

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