Sunday, December 09, 2007

Me, Gassing

"To you I'm an atheist. To God, I am the loyal opposition."
--------Woody Allen

Xmas in My Veins

Looking out my window, I can see the busy trafficking in Xmas gifts. For all the thought and feeling behind alot of the junk they buy, they could be giving the clay ashtrays they made in crafts camp as kids.

That's just me being gassy again. Most people do genuinely want to see "that look"
when they give someone a gift.

Alot of people resort to gift cards. I have too. ("Spike and Mike's Liqour"?) Here's something no one's thought about------ medical gift cards from hospitals and HMO's!
They'd be good for an elective procedure or operation of your choice. If you're getting me one, it should read:"GOOD FOR ONE 'MORPHINE DRIP.'"

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